Cornmeal Pancakes with Blackberry Compote

Prep Time

10 Minutes

Prep Notes

Ever thought of pairing cornbread with fruit? Let alone cornbread pancakes? This delightful combination of sweet and savory will hit all of your spots, and you'll enjoy each bite.

Cooking Time

10 Minutes


2 Servings


For the pancakes:

1/3 cup ground cornmeal
1/4 cup brown rice flour
dash salt
1/4t baking soda
1/4 cup milk
2t honey or maple syrup
1 egg
1T coconut oil, melted
1/4 cup frozen corn

For the compote:

1 heaping cup of frozen blackberries
1t orange zest
1/2t vanilla extract
1T fresh orange juice


In a bowl, mix together the dry ingredients.

In another bowl, add all of the wet ingredients--through the frozen corn. Once mixed, stir until just combined. Fold in the corn kernels. Heat a skillet over medium-low heat and add a knob of coconut oil. Once melted, add batter by the scant 1/4 cup full. You may need to spread out the batter. Cook about five minutes, then flip. Cook about three to five minutes more. Repeat with remaining batter. (You should get about six pancakes.)

While the pancakes are pancaking, add the frozen blackberries to a small saucepan. Cook for about seven minutes over medium-low heat, mashing slightly. Allow the berries to slowly release their juices and cook down. Once mushy and liquidy, remove from heat and add the zest, juice and extract. Stir to combine.

Portion out the pancakes and serve with compote.