How to Write Goals You'll Want to Stick To

Setting resolutions at the start of the New Year can be a great way to both challenge and better yourself. But often, typically just a few weeks into the new year, even the best-intended resolutions fail. 

Writing Down

So, what can be done to make goals that you'll want to reach? What can be done so that in June, you'll smile at your resolutions that still need completing, instead of an eye roll?

It's all about creating achievable and specific goals that you can feel excited about throughout the entire year. 

1. Brainstorm. Sit down and write down anything you'd like to accomplish. It can be work-related or fitness-related. It could be in regards to cooking or keeping the house clean. A resolution doesn't have to be all about weight loss and quit smoking.
2. Write it down. After you created your basic list, start elaborating more on this list. When you write down your goals, you're more likely to stick to them. Describe your goal in specific terms and write them in terms of what you want. For example, "I want to do three consecutive pull-ups by March." Or, "I want to increase my personal workplace productivity by 20 percent in two months."
3. Tell someone. When you tell someone about your goals, it creates accountability. This person will act as a buddy and help keep you striving to your goal.
4. Break it down. Big goals can feel intimidating. Take "get healthier"--That's a really big goal. Although vague, this is a great starting point. Think about what actions you can take to achieve this huge goal--fitness classes, nightly walks, cooking at home, meditation, etc. Start getting specific in what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when you want it completed by.
5. Plan your first step...and take it. Achieving a big goal is all about taking small steps. Look back at Step 4 and see how you broke it down. Take a tiny step into achieving one of those small actions. In regards to being healthier, it could be registering for fitness classes or tackling cooking at home. 
6. Keep going. As much as we all love instant gratification, big goals don't happen overnight. It takes time...sometimes a lot of it. With every step you take, celebrate every accomplishment and use that as motivation to move forward. If you're struggling, ask people you know and trust their opinions and what they'd do next. Keep your list of goals near you, and re-read them as needed to stay motivated.
7. Celebrate. No accomplishment is too small. These mini-celebrations will help keep you motivated. Take time to enjoy it and thank those who helped you reach it. Think about all that you enjoyed, and what you can do to keep this progress going. 

When setting goals, keep them SMART.

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