The Rungry Health Coach

The Importance of Being a Leader

We all have the power to be a leader.

When you pick up a dumbbell, lace up your running shoes, prepare roasted veggies or opt for a salad over french fries somebody is taking notice. Maybe it's the waitress, your spouse or a child, someone is watching you make healthy decisions. And, the more they witness you choosing the more nourishing option, the more prone they may be to choose this healthy path, too.


It's not our job to change someone's mind (unfortunately), and we can't force them to eat kale (unfortunately). We can't dictate what someone does to their own body. But we can lead by example. 

Be a leader in your own life, and show both your body and others respect. 

Go to the gym. Pick up weights. Quit smoking. Lace up running shoes and pound the pavement. Eat veggies and eschew processed foods. Make all these healthy decisions and more--as all of these are ways to be an influencer.

Many people struggle with getting their partners to eat healthy. But the more you prepare your ideal meals and head to the gym, the more exposure they get to a healthy lifestyle. When they're ready to learn more and make a change, they'll contact you. They will see you as a leader. 

Soon, you'll be surrounded by more individuals who cherish their bodies and share your same desire to live a happy and balanced life. And subsequently, it will be easier to reach all of your health goals, as you will have the support of so many new people. 

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