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How to Navigate the Salad Bar

Saiad bars--especially those in grocery stores--are popping up everywhere. They're great options for a meal on the go. But, with all the options, they can be overwhelming. Or, it simply can be too easy to indulge in all the options.

With these tips, you can approach the salad bar confidently knowing you're getting a nourishing meal that will leave you satisfied. (And, many of these options will save you a couple bucks!)
  • Get an appropriately-sized container or plate
  • Start with a base of greens and seek out all the vegetables
  • If labeled, read the ingredient lists of pre-made salad options and stay away from inflammatory oils, creamy dressings, sugars and other processed ingredients 
  • Seek out lean proteins like hard-boiled eggs, beans, or chicken
    • If you're at a grocery store, save money on protein by purchasing a can of sustainable tuna and using that (Make sure it's the can with the pull tab, unless you keep a can opener in your purse or backpack.)
  • Bypass dressing and use condiments like salsa, vinegars or guacamole
    • If you're at a grocery store, purchase an avocado for extra fats and creaminess
  • Don't fill up your vessel with pre-cut fruits
    • Many salad bars are sold by weight. Save money by purchasing a loose piece of fruit from a basket or the produce section
  • Beware of cooking oils. Many commonly used oils can cause unwanted inflammation in the body and are unhealthy. 
  • Be reasonable with portions
  • Describing words like "creamy" often mean mayo
  • Need some crunch? See if raw sunflower seeds or nuts are available
  • Eat until you feel full
What are your tips for navigating the salad bar?

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